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BeautyHow to Create a Sustainable Skin Care Routine | Frank & Rosie

How to Create a Sustainable Skin Care Routine | Frank & Rosie

At Frank & Rosie, we care about sustainability and are proud that our products are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and come in recyclable packaging. Everything we use has an impact on the planet, including our skin care. Our world is precious, and every little choice we make has an impact, down to the moisturiser we put on our face each night.

We know you already have a bunch of other things to worry about, so let’s take skin care off that list.  Choosing eco skin care and eco-friendly makeup are simple ways to create a kick-ass sustainable skin care routine. Let’s look at how you can save the planet, one delicious-smelling beauty step at a time. 

What is sustainable skin care?

These days it seems like everything is labelled as ‘sustainable’, so it can be tricky to know what sustainable skin care and sustainable beauty actually are. In the beauty and cosmetics industry, sustainable skin care consists of products made using natural ingredients produced from renewable materials that are ethically produced. 

If you’re a consumer, sustainable skin care means buying consciously and not over-purchasing or being wasteful. To identify sustainable skin care products, look for certifications and labelling. Some examples include cruelty-free, organic, ethically sourced and vegan. 

Environmental issues in the beauty industry

The skin care and beauty industry may seem all honey-masks and fairy-floss scented moisturiser, but there is indeed an ugly side. Sadly, environmental issues in the skin care industry are still here—these are some of the main ones.

Excessive packaging

The skin care world is known for its heavy use of plastics and sourcing ingredients in unsustainable ways. We all know that plastic waste takes hundreds of years to decompose and often ends up in our oceans instead, harming our favourite sea creature pals.

Toxic ingredients

We also know that many ingredients found in skin care come from unsustainable sources. Many skin care products also contain nasty ingredients for the planet, such as phthalates and petrochemicals. These are harmful to the environment and harmful to us, with links to pretty serious health issues like breast cancer. 

water wastage

Water waste runs rampant in so many industries; it’s almost hard to keep up. Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of water waste in skin care as we need so much of it to make and use the skin care products everyone loves. 

animal abuse

Testing skin care products or individual ingredients on animals is a big NO, but unfortunately, it still happens in some places in the world. The future of eco-beauty is one where products are tested on humans, not animals. 

unethical ingredients

A lot of our favourite skin care products rely on unethically sourced ingredients, like palm oil. Using these kinds of ingredients contributes to deforestation and climate change—something we urgently need to stop!

human exploitation

While it can be tough to hear, it’s important to know that abuses occur in the skin care industry, mainly through child labour to farm and produce popular skin care ingredients, like shea butter and vanilla. 

how to create a more sustainable skin care routine

That’s the bad news done. Now let’s take a look at how to make your skin care routine more friendly to the earth, and take you one step closer to being an eco-conscious queen.

1. declutter

Before you go Marie Kondo on your beauty bag—stop!Try to use up the products you already have. Once you’ve reached the end of your skin care products, recycle or repurpose the packaging. Chucking out unused products or not recycling or repurposing is a huge waste and not something a sustainable queen would do.

2. research, research, research!

Before you buy ANYTHING—spend time researching and treat it like an exam! Firstly, make sure you buy products that are right for your skin, so you don’t get stuck with anything you won’t end up using. Then, look into each product and put it through your very own government-quality ethical and sustainable screening process. Consider things like the brand’s values, ethics and animal welfare practices, before giving it your sustainable stamp of approval.

3. buy ethical products

Ensure the products you’re buying are packaged in recycled packaging, are ethically sourced, and full of all your favourite natural ingredients. Don’t forget to check for a cruelty-free certification!

4. keep it minimal

There’s no need to have too much of one thing, especially when it comes to skin care. A few good quality products will go a long way for your skin, the environment, and they leave you more money for Friday night margs! Buy products that are 2-in-1 like our Dual Action Calming Cleanser, a nourishing 2-in-1 cleanser that works to free skin of makeup and daily grime while infusing skin with natural oils and moisture. Better skin, less packaging—what’s not to love? 

5. don’t commit these sustainability sins

There are two golden rules: ban face wipes from your house and always use less water. Instead, buy reusable makeup remover wipes and use organic face cloths. To use less water, simply turn off the tap unless necessary. Simple.

save your skin (and the world) one step at a time

It is up to us as skin care (and planet) lovers to make conscious choices about the products we choose. By making a few simple changes to our beauty routine, we can reduce our impact on the environment and get that guilt-free glow!

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